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 The Rules (Please Read)

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Azure Haseo
Azure Haseo

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The Rules (Please Read) Empty
PostSubject: The Rules (Please Read)   The Rules (Please Read) EmptySat Nov 22, 2008 4:56 pm

These rules are for all members, and you MUST follow them.

1. No spam.
The only section you may spam in is the Spamzone. Posts in all others must be on-topic. Spam posts will be deleted on site.

2. Only one account per member.
If you make another account, it will be perma-banned, and your first one will be banned for a week. If you are having troubles with your password, please contact me.

3. Be appropriate.
This site is for all ages. Don't put anything sexual or violent. Blood is allowed, but not graphicly. Porn and the like will be deleted and get you banned for two weeks.

4. Be respectful.
You may not be mean to someone because of their gender, race, religion, likes and dislikes, or views.

5. No repeat threads.
Please use the search feature before you make a thread. Repeat threads will be locked and/or deleted.

6. No double posting.
It is considered rude and unnecessary. If you want to add something, use the edit button.

7. Advertising is limited.
You may not advertise a site in a post or thread. If you want to advertise, please do so in your signature a PM.

I'm an admin, rawr!
The Rules (Please Read) Request10
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The Rules (Please Read)
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